What is a Lifestyle, Effects of a Lifestyle on a Person

What is a LIFESTYLE?

What is a Lifestyle: In our day to day life, people are categorized based on their lifestyles. First of all most of us think about What is a Lifestyle? The Lifestyle is a way of living of individuals, families, and society which they manifest in copying their social, physical, psychological and economic environments on a day-to-day basis. Lifestyle reflects peoples self-image or self-concept. Lifestyle also motivates people to work harder to achieve something in their lives.

Each and every person has his own perspective on a topic. Similarly, I am here to present about the topic lifestyle. In my opinion, a lifestyle of a person depends upon

Thinking of a Person in his Life

Majority of people in this category decide their lifestyle when they are born. For example, a person born into a rich family decides his lifestyle accordingly and a person born in a poor family gets adjusted by their type of living. Some people of this category are a bit different. They want to opt for their own way of living. Lifestyle means about the way of living(like clothing, personalities of people).

Thinking of a Person on others Life

In this category, people decide their way of living based on others life but not on their own lives. They follow others way of living. For example, if a person is wearing a costly watch or clothes, then the other person gets excited to buy them and wants to have a change in their lifestyle, their way of living. Similarly, the effect of a personal lifestyle falls on other people with or without the knowledge of an individual.

Effects of Lifestyle

Getting Influenced by Others

Sometimes people follow other people (celebrities, friends) and they force their family members to buy expensive things for them. Sometimes a family household income may not be sufficient to bear the expenses of their entire family.

A single penny is always difficult for a person to earn, but it is always difficult to spend a single penny. So think about the family conditions first and then think about changing your lifestyle.

Overthinking about Brands

Nowadays branded clothes became a trending topic for everyone. Buying branded clothes with high prices causes a huge wastage of money. This also affects our lifestyle and takes a huge change in our lifestyle.

Finally concluding on What is a Lifestyle with the point that let us make a change in yourself to reach the heights of our success and then try to improve our lifestyles at that point, but not to make a change in our lifestyles at a difficult situation.

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