Tips to maintain Balanced Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life

Healthy Diet

Tips for a Healthy Diet: Many people assume that following a healthy diet is starving or eating less amount of food. In fact, it is consuming food with high nutritional values. One should take the required amount of calories in appropriate time intervals.

A simple way to stay healthy is the replacement of unhealthy food. For instance, replacing butter naan with roti, doughnuts with handmade cookies. These tiny little changes contribute to greater good. Here is the brief description of healthy habits of different age groups.

“Let food be thy medicine else medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates,460 BC.

Kids Below 10 Years

This is the crucial age where the body’s immune system develops. Kids should include a glass of milk and egg (for Non-Vegetarians) in their breakfast which has High Protein Content. They should consume a lot of fruits, minerals, vitamins and leafy vegetables.

They should have pulses, nuts, dry fruits and should drink plenty of water. Since they participate in school sports and activities they require good calorific food.

Between 10-20 Years

This age group people crave for tasty food rather than healthy food. They try to taste different varieties of food. At the same time, they tend to work out more and try to be physically fit. So they have to take limited food several times a day.

Due to the adrenaline rush and speed metabolic activities, they require a high amount of protein, carbohydrates in their diet. Taking green tea or black tea reduce unnecessary fat. Skipping meals is always a bad practice and should be avoided.

Between 20-40 Years

We all know that as age increases digestive power decreases. So people falling under this group should be very cautious about eating habits. Timely meals help them regularise their catabolism and metabolism.

Avoiding bad cholesterol food help them reduce even the slightest possibility of heart attacks and panic attacks. Avoiding instant foods and roadside oily food is the best practice for good health. They should consume fewer carbohydrates more vitamins.

Above 40 Years

People of this group should avoid rice to the maximum extinct possible. They should consume energy giving foods. In order to have wrinkles free glowing skin, they should take fruits juices and salads.

They should ensure that their diet contains more proteins to avoid Osteoporosis (bone fragility). They should have a heavy breakfast, a moderate lunch, and light dinner.

Tips for a Healthy Diet:

  • Eat more fruits and veggies.
  • Choose whole grains. Try brown rice instead of white. Switch to whole wheat pasta.
  • Choose lean proteins like poultry, beans, fish, and legumes.
  • Cut down on processed sugar, salt, foods and saturated fat.

Minimal exercise and balanced diet enhance our health. Since health is the ultimate wealth we should plan our diet in an appropriate way. Neglecting these principles would cause health complications. Therefore one should have the abode of these tips for a healthy tomorrow.

Follow these Tips to maintain Balanced Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life and you will automatically gain good health without paying any cost. Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy. Stay connected with Daily News Magazine – Health and Fitness for more Health Tips and Healthy Diet.

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