Samsung Q7 Series: Samsung Q7F QLED TV Review, Price

About Samsung

Samsung Q7F LED TV: Samsung is a multinational company. Samsung’s headquarters is located in South Korea. Samsung is popular for the manufacturing of Smartphones and TVs. Samsung has a powerful influence on South Korea’s economy, media, and culture. Samsung’s revenue is almost equal to $1.08 billion. It contributes almost 17% of South Korea’s GDP.

Samsung Q7F QLED TV

Samsung is back with another model of its amazing TVs. The Q7F is a QLED TV with 4K resolution. This TV is expensive costing around $4000-$6000. It is available in various sizes (55″ ,65″ ,75″). The Q7F displays about a billion colors. The Q7F’s color volume is better than any other Samsung’s previous models. This TV is smart, beautiful and lets you control everything with one remote.

Samsung Q7F Series Specifications

Available Screen Sizes 75″
Panel Type LED LCD
Ratio 16:9
 Resolution (in pixels) 3840 x 2160
Video System ATSC, Clear QAM
TV Tuning Available
3D Available
Connectivity Location Control Console
Input Ports 4 – HDMI  Audio, Video
1 –  RF Antenna  Audio, Video
Output Ports 1 – TOSLINK Optical Audio
USB Ports 3 –  USB (Version Unspecified)  Audio, Photo, Video
Ethernet Local Area Connection
Controller RS-232C
Default Sound option Stereo
Subwoofer None
Power 40 Watts
Sound Orientation Unknown
Dolby Digital Sound Available
General Settings
Power Requirements 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption Standby: < 0.3 W
Low Power Consumption Yes
Safety Standards Unknown
Dimensions (Width x Height x Diameter) 65.8″ x 37.7″ x 2.1″ / 167.1cm x 95.8cm x 5.3 cm (Without stand)
65.8″ x 41.2″ x 16.1″ / 167.1cm x 104.6cm x 40.9 cm (With stand)
Weight  37.60 kg (Without stand)
42.9 kg  (Withstand)
Packing Information
 Weight 120.5 lb
 Dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight) 72.5″ x 43.5″ x 9.0″

Additional Specifications

  1. Moblie to TV mirroring
  2. 4K Color
  3. 10-bit color support
  4. Ultra HD upscaling
  5. Contrast enhancer
  6. Dolby Digital Plus sound
  7. DTS Premium Sound 5.1
  8. 2x 10W speakers and 2x 10W woofers
  9. Bluetooth headset support
  10. Multiroom Link
  11. Quad-core processor
  12. Wifi Direct
  13. Voice Interaction
  14. Full web browser
  15. ConnectShare USB connectivity
  16. Ultra Clear Panel
  17. HDMI
  18. DIRECTV with RVU
  19. Electronic program guide
  20. Closed Captioning
  21. Eco Sensor
  22. USB HID support
  23. Easy Pairing
  24. Auto Power Off
  25. Edge-lit LED light source

Samsung Q7F LED TV Reception

The Samsung Q7F QLED TV has received positive reviews from critics. The major criticism it has faced is about the price which ranges from Rs.2,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 which is difficult for the middle class to afford. The Samsung Q7F 4K QLED TV is a good and well-rounded TV that will perform absolutely well in almost every scenario. The Samsung Q7 produces better colors than any other TV. Motion is excellent and its input lag is among the best available.”

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