Plastic Ban in Maharashtra: What is allowed, What’s banned

Plastic Ban in Maharastra

Plastic Ban in Maharastra: From Saturday 23rd June 2018, the government of Maharashtra to start penalizing all those found using plastic products. Citing the hurt caused to the wild animals trapped in plastic, the government implemented the ban with immediate impact. The government gave 3 months of time to the manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to dispose of their existing stock.

What all Plastic Products Banned in Maharastra?

All Products made from plastic are under the ban. Usage of plastic packing material, plastic bags, disposable cups, glasses, plastic straw, pouches, and containers are under the ban in Maharastra.

Plastic Excluded from the Plastic Ban in Maharastra

The plastic used for packing medicines and food grade plastic used for packing milk. Compostable bags used for agriculture purposes. Plastic bags used for exporting goods and the plastic used in the manufacturing.

Violators should pay a fine of Rs.5,000 for the first-time and Rs.10,000 for the second-time offense. The third-time offender should pay a fine of Rs.25,000 and may face imprisonment for 3 months. All Passengers traveling to Maharastra are also expected to maintain caution while disposing of plastic at the stations.

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