New Update on Kerala Floods: Classified has Highly Dangerous

Consequences of Floods in Kerala

Kerala Floods 2018: We know that the issue which is bothering Kerala is the Floods. The Indian Meteorological Department has classified the floods as ‘Highly Dangerous’.  Because of the floods, the landslides are falling off. The heavy rains last week made the situations worse. The IMD and the state government classified the condition as Rare Severity/ Severe nature. The intensity of floods is gradually decreasing.

Kerala Floods 2018

The count of the dead is increasing day by day. 6 people lost their lives in the district of Ernakulam on Sunday. With this, the total count of the people who died people increased to 216. About 7.24 lakh people are receiving asylum in 5,645 relief camps.

Funds raised for Kerala Floods

Kerala is receiving help from all over the country. Central Government is planning to release a Calamity relief fund(CRF). If in case the CRF is not sufficient then the central government releases the National Calamity Contingency Fund (NCCF).  Keeping the state’s condition in mind a slight grace time might be provided to pay back the loans and interests.

Funds Given by the Central Government

Central Government officially announced to give 600 crore Rupees to Kerala. On 12th of this month, Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced 100 crores. PM Narendra Modi promised to give 500 crores. Prime Minister also announced  2 lakh rupees for dead and 50 thousand for the injured from  Prime Minister Relief Fund.

Special Focus on Electricity and Water Supply

On the other hand, the rains in Kerala decreased gradually since Monday.  The relief camps set a huge task in front of the government. The Government is planning to provide water and power supply as soon as possible. Destroyed highways will be repaired and asylum is provided for those who lost their houses. The spread of the epidemic is prevented.

Drones to Find Victims

The rains decreased the people who are stuck in floods are being searched. Search operations are conducted with the help of drones. In rural areas of Thiruvananthapuram, many people and journalists are struck. Indian Army is trying to help them out by using helicopters. About 1500 army personnel are working hard to find victims who are stuck.

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