Remove Dark Circles, Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Get Rid of Dark Circles: It happens to even the best one of us, the dreadful dark circles. This leads to even the most beautiful women out there having to use concealer to cover up those dark circles. One of the biggest problems with dark circles is that they make you look unhealthy or ill and in some cases they also make you look old.

So here are a few home remedies to get rid of those disastrous things. However, you must remember that treating dark circles usually takes some time and a great amount of hard work. You should follow a regular skin care program properly to get rid of dark circles. Also, be warned that patience is a virtue in this endeavor as no magic is going to happen overnight. There can be several reasons behind the formation of dark circles. Some of the reason behind dark circles are:

Lack of Sleep causes Dark Circles

It is one of the biggest and the most common cause of dark circles. This can be found very regularly in millennials and youngsters nowadays who spend more time on their phones and other devices instead of getting proper sleep.

Lack of Proper intake of Water

A lack of water intake in the body can be very harmful to you. This is so because water helps to flush away toxins from the body. Drinking less water will hence lead to a storage of these toxins which is not good for you. Make sure that you drink at least ten glasses of water a day to prevent dark circles.

Lack of Proper Diet

A properly balanced diet is very important to maintain good health. A diet that consists primarily of junk food and food high in preservatives will tend to make your skin look sallow and dull. Try to include healthy foods in your diet including green salads and fresh fruits. This will help your body remain healthy and it will make your skin look fresh and glowing always.

Lack of Hemoglobin in the Body

Lack of hemoglobin levels in the body can be another reason behind the formation of dark circles. Consulting a doctor for this can be a good idea as a doctor can give you professional advice on how to increase your hemoglobin levels. You can also take up a well- balanced and high protein diet to supplement the medicines.


Dark circles can also be caused due to certain genetic causes. In such cases, it is not a matter of your nutritional intake which causes your dark circles. However, in case your dark circles are caused due to hereditary reasons then you should understand that they will not be cured completely.

Increasing Computer Hours

Increasing use of computers or other similar devices is a feature that is seen commonly in the current generations. However, staring at your computer screen for prolonged hours of time will cause your eyes to be harrowed. This will cause prominent dark circles under your eyes.

High-Stress Levels

High-stress levels is another trademark feature of the current generations due to increasing pressure and tension. Stress leads to lack of sleep as people are unable to get the proper rest required. This will again lead to dark circles under your eyes.

Prolonged illness

It could also be formed due to internal weakness in the body when a person is recovering from some prolonged illness.

Fighting Dark Circle Solution

Dark circles can be combated using a healthy face care and body care regime. Also, try to lessen stress in your life and try to de-stress yourself as much as possible. You can also use vitamin supplements to combat these. Vitamin B and Vitamin C supplements can help to improve your skin texture and make it healthy.

Here are a few skin care tips that can help you to reduce your dark circles. Following these home remedies religiously can have great results for your eye beauty.


Massaging under your eyes using a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil is a good home remedy for dark circles. Massage tenderly using circular motions and leave it on for about an hour. Doing this every day can provide to be a good remedy.

Herbal Tea

Used tea bags of herbal tea is a good home remedy to get rid of dark circles. You simply have to keep the tea bag under your eye for around fifteen to twenty minutes, two or three times a week. Chamomile tea bags are a wonderful option as they help to lighten the under eyes. The used tea bags can also be kept in the fridge for you to use it later.

Eye Pack

Make an eye pack with grated coconut, a few drops of lemon juice, grated cucumber, 1 teaspoon fresh cream and 2- 3 teaspoons of china clay. Keep on the eye pack for around 20 minutes and then wash it off with water or milk.


Use grated raw potatoes as a home remedy to get rid of dark circles. You can either use grated raw potatoes or raw potato slices to create a lightening effect for under-eyes. Keeping the potato slice in the fridge before using it to keep under your eye can also help incredibly.

Tomato Eye Toner

Tomatoes are an extremely good option for alleviating dark circles under your eyes. A good home remedy using tomatoes is to mix lemon juice and tomato juice and massage the area under your eyes with it. You can leave it on for around 20 minutes and then wash it off with water or coconut water.

These wonderful home remedies and tips can help you to get rid of dark circles. However, remember that you must practice discipline to make sure that your dark circles go away completely.

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