What is Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Concept of ITS

Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent Transport System (ITS): The world is becoming smarter day by day and so are we. We have solved many complex problems using advanced technology. The major problem which is bothering civilians worldwide is the heavy traffic. To overcome this problem Intelligent Transportation System is implemented. It is the most efficient technology to maintain vehicle traffic with less or no human effort.

What Exactly is the Intelligent Transport System?

Well, the answer is quite simple. An Intelligent Transport System is an advanced implementation technique. It aims to provide innovative services relating to which helps out for different modes of transport like bus, car, auto rickshaw etc; and traffic management and enable users or civilians to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and smarter use of transport. The main objective of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) is to strive for more coordinated and balanced traffic.

How does the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Work?

We have five major components in it and they are;

1. Vehicles
2. Vehicle Detectors/Sensors
3. Data Network
4. Control system
5. Transit center

As soon as the vehicles touch the sensors they will be detected and the queue is determined. The Data network is arranged below the ground. Collected data is accumulated in the Control System. The main objective of the control system is to provide input and output operations. The information which is collected will be sent to the Transit Center. Transit center is the main hub of ITS. Based on the traffic frequency signals are given further.

Cooperative Systems on Roads:

Data available from the vehicles is obtained and the information is sent to the server for processing. This data is used to reckon the activities like bad weather and frequent braking. The server processes a driving recommendation for an individual or a group of individuals. The process of communication is wireless. The main objective of cooperative systems is to plan communication and sensor build in order to increase road safety.

World Congress on ITS:

Each year ITS conference is held to promote ITS technologies. Every year the ITS world conference is held in a different country. The first ever ITS world conference was held in Paris in 1994. ERTICO, ITS America, ITS Asia-Pacific sponsor the event and exhibition.

Countries that Implement the ITS:

Europe: ERICO is an organization that is responsible for the development of ITS. This organization concentrates on security, traffic safety, network efficiency. The environmental impact is also taken into consideration.

America: ITS conducts a yearly conference that showcases new ideas and technologies. A representative from each town, state from the country attend the conference.

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