Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan: Imran starts his new Innings as PM

Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan Prime Minister: Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer. He is recently elected as 22nd prime minister of Pakistan. On 18th August 2018 he Imran Khan took oath as Prime minister after winning the Pakistan General Elections.

Imran Khan took retirement from cricket in 1992 after a fantastic career as an all-rounder. In 1996 he became the founder and chairman of the party named  Tehreek-ee-Insaf. Imran Khan contested for a seat in 2002 and remained as an opposition party member until 2007. In 2018 general elections his party won a large number of seat beating Pakistan Muslim league party. Imran Khan is a popular public figure. He wrote a book called Pakistan: A Personal History.

Imran Khan addressed the following issues at the swearing ceremony as the Prime  Minister

  • To improve the economic condition of Pakistan.
  • Conserving Islamic values and traditions and making Pakistan as an ideal Islamic state.
  • Upgrading Pakistan’s army guerilla.
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