After WhatsApp, now Facebook may filter Content to reduce SPAM

Facebook may Filter Content to Reduce SPAM

Facebook is considering to filter and review content that could lead to violence in India. The social media giant is engaging with various agencies that filter as well as remove content on behalf of Facebook.

The Indian government is drafting laws to request social media companies to remove content within a short period before rumors that can lead to violence. Facebook and Arvato work together in Germany that enforces the removal of inappropriate content within 48 hours. In case of failing to remove the content, the government can impose hefty fines.

Over the past year, social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are facing the issue of misinformation & fake news, rumors and hate speech. Facebook has been under severe pressure from the Indian government to stop people from using its platform to spread misinformation. Facebook has its own set of guidelines for scanning various posts once reported.

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