Coffee Types: How to Differentiate Different Kinds of Coffee

Different Kinds of Coffee

Coffee Types – Different Kinds of Coffee: With such an amount of big things to occupy your free time, most of us go through our day to day tasks. So, many of us depend on coffee to juggle through all our activities. But, how much do you really know about it? Can you differentiate between the different kinds of coffee? Well, let’s enlighten you through the basics so that you can explore your love more and expand it.


This is the kind of coffee which you should go for if you want an instant boost of energy and to alert your mind for the rest of the day. It is a strong and a bitter kind of coffee and is usually served as a shot.


Always served hot, Cappuccinos are what you usually go for when you are in the mind to savor the flavor of coffee. With a layer of milk foam on top, they are usually not very strong. Two Shots of Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam = Cappuccino.


If you love coffee, then chocolate is also probably among one of your favorites. Well, Mocha is a type of coffee which caters to exactly those kind of chocoholics. Usually served with a dash of whipped cream, it contains comparatively more sugar and calories, accenting the flavor while giving you the much-needed energy you were in search for. Two shots of Espresso + Chocolate Syrup + Milk = Mocha.


Though seemingly similar to a Cappuccino or a Mocha at first glance, it has its own characteristics. Latte contains a decent quantity of milk and it’s definitely not as sweet as a Mocha. It is also common to infuse it with shots of hazelnut or vanilla. Two shots of Espresso + Milk = Latte.


Americano is basically a diluted cup of Espresso. So, do not expect it to be as strong as an Espresso. The choice of hot or cold water for dilution and the number of shots depends on your choice and also on the size of the drink. Shots of Espresso + Hot or Cold Water = Americano.

Flat White

It is not as common as the others on the list because it is predominantly found in only Australia and New Zealand. It is almost similar to a Cappuccino but minus the milk foam on top. Espresso + Milk in 1:3 ratio = Flat White.

Irish Coffee

Can’t decide between liquor or coffee? Well, why stress it out! Order a cup of Irish Coffee. It usually contains some amount of sugar and thick cream on top. Espresso + Irish Whiskey + Cream = Irish Coffee.

Finally, at the end of this article, you will learn How to Differentiate between Different Kinds of Coffee.

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