Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify ban Alex Jones Infowars

Tech Companies ban Alex Jones Infowars

Alex Jones has spread conspiracies about everything from the Gates Foundation to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He has done this through his website Infowars, as well as through his pages and channels on Facebook, and YouTube where have millions of followers.

There are increasing entails for the tech companies to enforce policies against bullying, fake news, and hate speech. Alex Jones had been removed from Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, with most citing hate speech violations.

Real News With David Knight” is the only Infowars Podcast still available on Apple’s Podcast. Apple’s decision set a powerful example for other tech companies, including Facebook and Spotify.

Facebook took action and removed Infowars videos that violated its bullying and hate speech policies and suspended Alex Jones for 30 days.

Alex Jones continues to spread his theories on Twitter where has 826,000 followers. He asks users for help sharing links to Infowars.

Spotify initially reacted to the widespread user backlash and decided to remove some select episodes of “The Alex Jones” that violated hate speech policies.

Youtube has terminated Alex Jones Youtube account for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. YouTube was the last major tech company to remove Jones’s channel, which had over 2.4 Million Subscribers.

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